Top 10 Places To Read A Book in London: Pt 2

It seems the weather might have tricked us again and the shy sun hidden itself under the grey layer of clouds, leaving us to think that perhaps summer just isn’t ready for us yet. Nonetheless we want you to be ready for summer when it finally comes, to soak up the world outside and so … Continue reading

Top 10 Places to Read a Book in London Pt.1

With the sun coquettishly teasing us with its warm rays, we cannot help but feel the sudden need to reject these extra layers of clothing and rebel against the “I’m-Off-To-Narnia” look achieved so masterfully with the help of our winter coats (sported for what seems like eternity). This sudden hint of warmth got us thinking … Continue reading

Film Review: “Stoker” – Innocence Ends

The anticipation surrounding Park Chan-Wook’s English debut has been rising for some time to say the least. Plus a script penned by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller submitted under a pseudonym, and you’ll find the tension creeps up a little bit more. Then add to the mix rising star Mia Wasikowska and you’ll have pulses racing. … Continue reading

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